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4 min read

Fresh Should Be Packed (& Delivered) Fresh. Always!

Customers don’t expect safe, healthy, tasty, and fresh food. They demand it. 

And the best method to protect food from...

4 min read

Are You Ready For This Season Of Grape Export?

The Indian grape season is in the offing. The crop this time is solid, both in terms of quality and volume, with the...

4 min read

AI-based Tech Creates A Nirvana of Fast & Better DarkStore Operations

2020 was about adapting to the changing needs and switching to a grocery retail model that could meet the demands of...

2 min read

Energizing the Sales of Apples

You move more apples when they are big, of the right color and free of defects. Correctly classify the size and color...

3 min read

Key Apple Market Trends In The US

A look at the US apple market trends for growers and the pandemic’s impact on EXIM.

Apple production in the US has...

5 min read

Mastering The Last-Mile Delivery Conundrum Of Online Grocery

Shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables is a tactile experience. We want to touch, smell and feel the produce before...

3 min read

5 Ways To Make This Apple Harvest Season Stellar

Apples are big sellers in the US. With over 100 cultivars, from Honeycrisp to Golden Delicious, there is no dearth of...

3 min read

Tracing the roots to better carrot quality for grower and traders

Carrots are the 6th most consumed fresh vegetable in the U.S., with 85% grown in California. They come in a rainbow of...

3 min read

Digitizing grape quality to help traders achieve sustained growth

You won’t hear this on the grapevine, but grapes are not just for snacking between meals. They are used as ingredients...

4 min read

Staying Out Of The Lukewarm Zone Of Indecision In Banana Quality

Bananas are one of the most traded fruits across the globe. To paint a clearer picture, in 2017, 20% of the global...