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3 min read

How Intello Labs Technology is Fighting Food Wastage

Did you know that nearly one-third of the world's food supply goes to waste each year? This grim reality, with...

5 min read

Fruit Sorting Automation: Paying You Back In Many Ways

If we had to pick just one watershed moment in the history of humankind, we’d say it’s agriculture. The ability to grow...

4 min read

Fresh Should Be Packed (& Delivered) Fresh. Always!

Customers don’t expect safe, healthy, tasty, and fresh food. They demand it. 

And the best method to protect food from...

4 min read

AI-based Tech Creates A Nirvana of Fast & Better DarkStore Operations

2020 was about adapting to the changing needs and switching to a grocery retail model that could meet the demands of...

2 min read

Energizing the Sales of Apples

You move more apples when they are big, of the right color and free of defects. Correctly classify the size and color...

3 min read

Key Apple Market Trends In The US

A look at the US apple market trends for growers and the pandemic’s impact on EXIM.

Apple production in the US has...

5 min read

Mastering The Last-Mile Delivery Conundrum Of Online Grocery

Shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables is a tactile experience. We want to touch, smell and feel the produce before...

3 min read

5 Ways To Make This Apple Harvest Season Stellar

Apples are big sellers in the US. With over 100 cultivars, from Honeycrisp to Golden Delicious, there is no dearth of...

3 min read

A New Incarnation Of Fresh Produce Quality Processes

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is...

3 min read

AI: A No-Brainer For Food Safety

 This #WorldFoodSafetyDay, we aim to raise awareness on how AI goes a long way in keeping food safe.

From 2004 to...