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3 min read

The Pursuit of High Quality In Strawberries

They say assessing quality, especially in soft fruits like strawberries, isn’t simple. We prove the opposite with the...

2 min read

Communication Is Visual In Fresh Produce Quality. Why Aren’t You?

“The fruits are decayed? They were good when we shipped out.”

How many times have we heard this line? Too many to...

4 min read

Tackling the Problems in Fresh Produce that Surface from Labour Scarcity

It’s a speck on the edge of our consciousness. We know that there is a dire need for solutions that unravel the web of...

3 min read

The Benefits You Reap by Digitising Fresh Produce Quality Control

Australia is rich in fresh produce but short on labour . This labour scarcity has been escalated due to the pandemic,...

3 min read

Rich in Fresh Produce, Scant on Labour


A bird’s eye view on Australia’s horticulture landscape shows why the Agtech market in the country will reach...

2 min read

You’re Losing A Lot By Not Digitizing Fresh Produce Quality

The approach to quality control hasn’t changed. The entire fresh produce supply chain performs it in the same way as it...

2 min read

How does AI / Automation Reduce Post- Harvest Losses?

Automated sorting machines reduce post-harvest loss during grading – an issue that has plagued the fresh produce sector...

4 min read

Before We Reduce Food Loss, We Need to Measure It

It is when we know what, and how much is thrown away can we begin to tackle the food loss problem.

Loss and waste are...

4 min read

Who will win the fresh produce distribution race in India?

Fresh produce distribution companies are dominating India’s start-up scene and the race is on to find the path to...